Exenatide Pregnancy Registry

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Exenatide Pregnancy Registry - Type 2 Diabetes in Pregnancy Participation

Voluntary enrollment into EPR is through healthcare providers or directly by the patient. No study medication will be given and participation in the Registry will not influence or interfere with the treatment plan recommended by the patient's healthcare provider. If you are interested in the Registry and want more information, click on contact us or call us at 1-800-633-9081.

To participate in the Registry, start by calling the Registry Coordinating Center at 1-800-633-9081 and enroll over the phone.

You can also begin your participation by following the steps listed below:
1. Click on Data Forms.
2. Fill out data forms.
3. Fax the completed data forms to Registry Coordinating Center at
Patient confidentiality is strictly upheld. Information that identifies you or your baby by name will not be revealed to anyone outside the Registry unless there is problem that must be reported to the manufacturer of your antidiabetic medications and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or unless otherwise required by law.
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